On August 11, 1997, after serving as an Assistant District Attorney in York County, I founded the law firm that is currently Strike, Gonzales & Butler Bailey. After several years of working with Attorney Patrick Gordon, I restructured the practice with the addition of two veteran criminal trial attorneys, Thomas Goodwin and Howard O’Brien. The firm then became known as Strike, Goodwin & O’Brien. With the retirement of Mr. Goodwin several years ago and the passing of Mr. O’Brien it made sense, after the proper period of time, to change our name to recognize the veteran attorneys working here at present. It was my pleasure to ask Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Butler Bailey to join in the firm’s name and I am pleased they accepted.

From its inception, we have dedicated ourselves to defending the rights of the accused against all manners of misdemeanor and felony charges, from traffic offenses to homicides and everything in between. We handle criminal defense cases in a thorough and aggressive manner, in both the state and federal courts of Maine. Our primary practice in is southern Maine, but we also handle cases as far north as Bangor and Dover-Foxcroft, and as far east as Belfast.

If you happen to trip across the criminal justice system and find yourself accused of an offense, please feel free to give us a call.

Thank you,

Clifford B. Strike

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